To get a restricted class 4 license, drivers will need to meet medical requirements that can only be confirmed through a medical professional approved to complete the medical certificate which can be obtained at Access PEI in Alberton, Summerside, Charlottetown, Montague and Souris or downloaded here. Along with this certificate, the province of Prince Edward Island will review a driving abstract. If you only intend to drive a car, you do not need to take the additional large passenger van road test.

The Province of Prince Edward Island has announced that this license type will not be available until December 2019.

Requirements of driver for Restricted Class IV

A Restricted Class 4 driver's license authorizes you to operate a taxicab or a motor vehicle in a "ride-sharing service" with a seating capacity less than 10 passengers including the driver.


  1. Must hold valid PEI Driver's License
  2. Cannot be in the Graduated Driver License Program (GDL)
  3. Must have a good driving record
  4. Must meet the medical and vision standards to hold a Class 4 driver's license.

Next Steps

  1. Book interview appointment at Access PEI with Highway Safety Staff
  2. Appointment fee $20

At the Highway Safety Interview applicant must provide the following:

  1. Driving record for previous 5 years if not available from PEI
  2. Current Medical for review and pass vision test

When approved a new photo will be taken and a Temporary Restricted Class 4 driver's license will be issued. The new Restricted Class 4 driver's license card will be mailed to the applicant.